Zahara: (Arabic): Exquisite, A Flower

Zahara Skincare, an organic and natural skin care brand is the brainchild of Zahara Nedou, a self- confessed nature enthusiast herself. Ever since she was a child, she was a keen observer and follower of age-old family recipes handed down for generations via her British & Kashmiri Grandmothers. For years she tried and perfected the blends, using them for her close family with astounding, sometimes, even miraculous results.

Zahara Skincare blends centuries of Kashmiri and Middle Eastern skin and bodycare wisdom with scientific knowledge of skincare through natural and organic products.

For centuries, women around the world relied on time-tested, tried remedies for their bath and skin care routines. From the range of ant-ageing face packs following the recipe that descended from ethereal beauty, Cleopatra, to silk worm Cocoon exfoliation techniques used by Kashmiri women since 18th century for smooth, shining skin, we have recreated the magic of age-old skin miracle therapies to suit the modern, fast-paced life of today’s woman.

Traditional Kashmiri and Arabian beauty regimes combined with raw materials sourced from family farms or grown and procured from certified organic farms in Kashmir, the entire range is verdant, pure, and vivacious, just like the land of its creator’s origin.

Zahara Skincare is known for manufacturing and selling products that contain zero chemicals and are 100% natural. Organically grown and harvested, each ingredient is carefully handpicked and passed through stringent quality checks. Zahara products are not tested on animals and are non GMO. The product range is the result of extensive research done by Zahara herself in her own past Kashmiri, popularly known as heaven on earth.

At Zahara Skincare, we believe that everyone is entitled to experience the nature’s bounty of these organic products and we should all say NO to harmful chemicals. We believe in giving back to the community we are a part of. Every Zahara product you buy, part of the proceeds is utilized for the betterment of the underprivileged inhabitants of the valley. Zahara Skincare range is a legacy of generations of Kashmiri and Arabic wisdom in skin and body care routines, environmentally and socially conscious effort to create a sustainable, healthy, non-toxic lifestyle at a relatable price tag.

Zahara has a wide range of body and face scrubs, face packs, anti-ageing products, pigmentation creams, body and face serums, and oils, all having organic bees wax, honey, and honey combs as key ingredients. Zahara is embodiment of its namesake, exquisite, unique, close to its roots, yet bringing the whole world closer, one small bottle at a time.

Zahara is not just an organic skincare product; it is an experience to be cherished, treasured and revisited, a habit that is as good for you, as it is for nature itself. Zahara Skincare is what a modern beauty connoisseurs should aspire to be. The goodness of these organic products will soon be available in baby and men’s skincare range.

Natural, Truthful, Beautiful, Meaningful- Just how the world around us should be.